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Women in Business Initiative - a programme sponsored by Glencore

Wollondilly Women in Business takes the community and the businesses within it very seriously. To this end we have partnered with Glencore to provide opportunities for women coming into the LGA workforce to progress a bit more quickly than they might otherwise have done.

We all know it is not easy to start a business and sometimes it is difficult to either get into the workforce as a new starter or back in once you've stepped out to raise a family, for health or other reasons. 

So we spoke to Glencore about sponsoring our Women in Business Initiative. And they accepted the challenge!!

We have funds to help where we can, and are looking for applications from the beginning of 2017.

If you would like to know how we can help you or someone you know get into the workforce, we'd like to talk to you NOW.  Our first point of contact with you is Deb Murtagh so email Deb with your contact details and one of us will get back to you to discuss. 

Click here to contact Deb or Click here to download our Application Form

Click here to view our first Mentee under the programme, Jana Hurley of Bargo Homemade Pies and Cafe

glencore logoWomen Working in the Wollondilly - sponsored by Women NSW

Our intention with this project is to upskill and bring to employment as many local women and girls as possible. The Wollondilly shire is somewhat isolated from larger economic areas which offer more employment and training opportunities, particularly for women. 

Our aim is to provide opportunities for women in the Wollondilly Shire to unite, mentor, share experiences and knowledge with a view to helping others returning or starting back into the workforce.

Many women are handicapped as a result of domestic violence, lower socio economic status, poor education, lack of opportunity, poor confidence and family constraints.

Many have spent years in a carer's role and transferable skills are not recognised or confidence is low when that role ends. Consequently they are never able to break free of a vicious cycle which keeps them and their children within a very low income stream, on welfare payments and/or dependent on an abusive or absent spouse.

These women may be unable to gain employment for many reasons.    An example is loss of teeth through abuse. No woman can get a job without front teeth! Government dental waits are very long particular for essentially cosmetic treatment.

This is particularly so in rural or regional areas where the opportunities to gain education, medical assistance and support to rise above these situations is not as available as in the city or metropolitan areas.

WWIB is committed to helping women within this group to break out of the circumstances which keep the cycle going.

We will provide mentoring from local business women to offer ‘on the job’ training in customer service, stock control, payroll, marketing, retail, office administration skills and even farm skills.

By spending time with professional business women our target group of Mentees will gain skills otherwise not exposed to. Our mentors will provide references so that they will have current job experience in resumes.

As described above, arrangements have been made with various Wollondilly Shire businesses within the WWIB network to provide these mentoring and job experience opportunities. 

Contact Deb Murtagh at wwib.secretary@gmail.com for an application form and more information.

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