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NOurished living with alice

Nourished Living with Alice

Alice Keast , Buxton NSW , Soul Food Warrier and Wellness Advocate
Website:  www.allykeast.com
Contact: 0475 057 417   Email:  nourishedliving16@gmail.com 
Special Offer: 10% off all purchases except Thermomix.

Nourished Living with Alice provides many avenues to help you and your family to live a slower, low-tox and nourished life. Services available are menu planning, budgeting, wholefoods pantry planning and organisation, cooking classes and freezer meal workshops. Products that are available to purchase are my own organic herbs and spices range. ONYA reusable drink bottles, bags and lunch wraps. Doterra essential oils. Diffusers and Salt Lamps. I am also a consultant with Thermomix and can provide cooking experiences and facilitate purchases of the appliance and range of products.

NSW AmbulanceStephanie Powell, 

Contact: 0411 205 484  Email: stephaniemknowles@hotmail.com

Akashic Healing

Tina Meyer, Akashic Healing Thirlmere

Contact: 0405 009 990   Email : akashichealing@outlook.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/akashichealingthirlmere/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/akashichealing/

Rapid 1st Aid Training

Rapid 1st Aid Training & Supplies, Anne Rowley

Website: www.rapid1staid.com.au
Contact: 0414 767 010  9056 5070 Email: rapid1staid@bigpond.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/rapidfirstaidtraining

Onsite training, group discounts, bulk booking participants per person rate. Provide training after hours to reduce loss productivity. Supply of defibs and first aid kits. 

 Picton Family Medical Centre

Dr Anna Pham

Contact:  02 4677 0533  Email: drannapham@pictonmedical.com.au

Shop T28, 9 Margaret St, Picton NSW 2571   Click here to find out more 

Nest Counselling

Nest Psychotherapy & Counselling, Tracy Proud

Picton Family Medical Centre, 9 Margaret Street, Picton NSW 2571

Website: www.nestcounselling.com.au
Contact: 0484 223 042   Email: tracy@nestcounselling.com.au

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nestcounselling/

Psychotherapy and Counselling. I am a trained (Gottman)relationship therapist but also do individual work.

Special Offer: 50% off first visit for members and member referrals

Sabinas Mind Body Connections

Sabina's Mind Body Connections, Sabina's Reflexology

Sabina Ivankovic , 70 Weir Rd, Warragamba NSW 2572
Website:  www.sabinasmbc.com  www.sabinasreflexology.com.au

Contact: 0415 683 744   Email: info@sabinasbmc.com
Special Offer: 15% off any class a member attends.

Teaching people how to Face Read, (the science of it) as well as Reflexology and Reiki


Karna Keats, Wilton  NSW 2571
Website: www.facebook.com/KKDeeEssentialOils
Contact: 0459 786 678  Email: karen.keats@gmail.com

Essential Oils, Massage, Natural Skin Care, Aromatherapy

Tia the Oil Lady

Tia Veech, Tia the Oil Lady, Wilton 

Contact: 04115 818 714  Email :  tiatheoillady@theoilhut.com
Essential oils: Www.mydoterra.com/tiaveech
Aromatherapist: Www.facebook.com/tiaveech
Info, recipes, ideas: Www.facebook.com/groups/teamtia
Classes: www.facebook.com/blendingbuddies
Bottles, books, diffusers: www.morethanoilsnsw.com

IT work

Olivia Axiak , Bargo NSW 2574, 
Website:  www.journeytosuccess.itworksau.com /Facebook: Olivia Axiak - Journey To Success
Contact: 0435 427 227  
Email: itworks.journeytosuccess@gmail.com 
Special Offer:
40% discount to 90 day product testers and loyal customers.

It Works! - look younger, live longer with a range of health and wellness products, ranging from all natural supplements, hair, skin & nails, facial and body wraps that tighten, tone and firm in as little as 45 minutes! Ask me how today.

Eat to Treat Nutrition, Clinical Nutritionist

Michelle Mercer , Mobile Service based in Bargo
Website: www.eattotreatnutrition.com
Contact: 0410 588 895  Email : michelle@eattotreatnutrition.com  

Special Offer:  Nutritional Consultations - 5% off 1st and 2nd consultation for WWIB members

Eat Well Live Well

Anne-Marijke Gerretsen, Passionate Nutritionist and Reluctant Cook 

Website: www.EatWellLiveWell.com.au
Contact: 0487 876 925  Email : anne-marijke@eatwelllivewell.com.au

Facebook @eatwelllivewellthroughfood    Instagram: eatwelllivewellnutrition

Special Offer:  Members of Wollondilly Women in Business Network receive a 10% discount on any of the memberships if using this coupon code when signing up: WWIB10

I work with busy mums (and dads) who don’t have time to cook, don’t enjoy cooking or have ‘fussy’ eaters to think of. I help them with :

  1. nutritionally tested meal plans and recipes,
  2. tips and strategies for making mealtimes easy

so they can make meals that are healthy, easy to make and great to eat.

the way to health

Susan Jones, 

Website: www.thewaytohealth.com.au  Facebook @thewaytohealth
Contact: 0419 550 700  Email : susan@thewaytohealth.com.au

56 Station Street, Douglas Park NSW 2569

Clinical Mobile Nutritionist

Special Offer:  Members of Wollondilly Women in Business Network receive a 5% discount on any Nutrition Consultation

Positive Legacies, Sarah Schimschal

Website: www.positivelegacies.com.au
Contact: 0412 263 088 Email: sarah@positivelegacies.com.au

Facebook: www.facebook.com/positivelegacies/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/positivelegacies/ 

What Legacy Do You Want to Create?

Every interaction we have in our world leaves an impression, especially with the rise of social media. Do you want your legacy to be doing work that makes our world a better place? Or maybe you’re a leader and want to be known for cultivating wellbeing and enabling outstanding performance?
We specialise in wellbeing, mental toughness and positive leadership. Our courses and materials are based on evidence-based research in positive psychology. We also have a range of wellbeing products designed exclusively for new and expecting parents. Our wellbeing birth boxes make a great baby shower gift!

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