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This group has evolved from the desire to provide support to Wollondilly Business Women who work each day within the Wollondilly LGA and are isolated from many of the business support services so readily available further within the Greater Sydney Region boundary.

We adhere to a strict Code of Conduct, to ensure our members feel safe working with and networking in the WWIB community. All new members are asked to sign the Code of Conduct and membership will not be approved if a signed copy of the Code is not received with the the Membership Application form.  Click here to view the Code of Conduct.

The strong desire to keep business local, i.e. strictly within Wollondilly LGA, has been expressed by our foundation members. Wollondilly is an area that appears to suffer losses from the effects of a negatively shifting economy in the first instance and then bounce back last, reflective of our small population with a considerable self employed component. Recent history has demonstrated this with the closure of many small businesses and retail spaces within the village centres available for lease for months on end. Thankfully we are now experiencing a more favourable economy and local growth is key to longevity.

To this end we have made a commitment, supported by our financial members, to limit membership to those who are operating on a day to day basis from a business that has it’s registered ‘Principal Place of Business’ within Wollondilly Shire’s boundaries.

Many of our local businesses are micro businesses with one office, therefore the rules are easy to apply in these instances. In other cases, some small and mid sized businesses have several branches in various areas of NSW with an office/branch located within the Wollondilly Shire. In these cases we recommend that the regular business leader from the local office join the group so that they can pitch for business for their local office. We don’t see a benefit for an owner located at a Branch outside of the area to join us as the WWIB Network does not support promotion for business leaving the Wollondilly LGA. However, in the case where local staff are not able to satisfy the role of Business Development, or there are no female members of staff in this capacity, we would accept membership from a Business Development Manager or owner who works day to day from another office, with the signed agreement that any promotion within the group will only lead to referrals to the local Principal place of Business and other local businesses.

We reserve the right to restrict promotion by anyone who is harvesting leads for businesses based outside of Wollondilly Shire.

In the case of local residents who operate businesses where the ‘Principal Place of Business’ is located outside of the Wollondilly Shire, we will not accept membership. Even where some work is carried out from a home office* we see no benefit for these applicants to join the group as there would be no marketing of the business permitted. The business would have other sound networking groups available to them that would be of more benefit. As soon as this business opens a local branch or shopfront they may become members and promote the local office. *If the home office address was listed on the website, facebook and other marketing material as a public place of business with regular opening hours, the business would qualify for membership.

This should not be mis-read as ‘excluding’ home-based businesses that only operate from within Wollondilly LGA. Remember, the Primary Place of Business must be located within Wollondilly Shire to qualify for membership and this can be a home-based business as long as it is the primary place of business when dealing with the public/clients.


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