Wollondilly Women in Business Mentoring Initiative

with the support of Glencore

WWIB has undertaken to mentor and financially assist a Woman or Women, who reside in the Wollondilly LGA, to either return to work, start a training course or apprenticeship or to start a business in the Wollondilly. Funding has been provided through a grant from Glencore.

Our objective is help to Wollondilly women get into jobs and training and/or to start businesses so that they, their families and the Wollondilly as a whole can benefit. 

WWIB will advertise in local papers, within the WWIB membership base and on Social Media for applicants who can apply for funding, to be veted and approved by a panel of Committee members.

Successful applicants will receive financial support for training, mentoring and transport costs in the form of vouchers that are redeemable through Wollondilly Businesses or direct assistance with business requirements from WWIB Business members. This may include Business Planning, Hands on Training through WWIB Member businesses, Personal Presentation, Life Coach, Dressing for Business etc.

The first Mentee selected for this assistance was Jana Hurley who requested help getting the Bargo Homemade Pies and Cafe up and running. The cafe was an existing business which had been run into the ground and Jana could see the potential. The shop was gutted, painted and refurbished by the landlords. Meanwhile Jana took the time to learn about stock control and customer service from Deb Murtagh at CritterBits, her website was designed and developed by Fern Rice of Your PA and More, Brochures were printed by Christine Maude of Breakout Enterprises and delivered by Nicole Black of Just Local Marketing Solutions. 


How it used to look! And the work done to make it ready for 2017 and beyond.

Thank you WWIB!

The new external view - remembering the original name of the business. And below, Bimbo.


AFTER - All new inside and ready for business

Customers queuing up for food

Wollondilly Women in Business at work

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