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About Us


Established in 2015 as a not for profit organisation, Wollondilly Women in Business (WWIB) became the first group to cater to the local Wollondilly professional and/or business woman.

The Wollondilly Shire is a geographically large, regional area with widely spread, smaller population clusters. We have a high proportion of sole operators with micro businesses (many home-based), predominantly a trade and civil family-based business community. There are very few shop fronts, professional services or corporate organisations. WWIB Founder & President, Michelle Legg, summarises “our business community as so diverse, hitting the target market is like trying to throw a dart at a moving bullseye”.

This LGA is unique compared to metropolitan areas because of these demographics, and as such tends to suffer the harsh effects of both natural and economic disasters earlier than other regions while taking longer to recover. This made the establishment of a business network especially relevant and WWIB was created. Founded to provide assistance to those women who found themselves isolated and separate from many of the support services so readily available within the Greater Sydney Region.

WWIB created a range of opportunities for entrepreneurs to promote their businesses while building firm, personal connections. Morphing into a fully inclusive place for non-business and retired female members to contribute their past experience and wisdom while spending local. Our members are united with purpose, to provide support, encouragement and inspiration to one another. Opportunities are delivered in a selection of events designed to suit diverse schedules, interests and priorities.

Our Mission Statement

Our aim is to provide the opportunities for both ‘Professionals’ and ‘Business Owners’ to unite, mentor, share experiences, knowledge and testimonies. The encouragement of women to offer support to each other, spend locally and inspire the entrepreneurial spirit of women in our community. To always act in good faith in the course of business.

Our Values

Integrity - We are honest, authentic and believe in doing the right thing. Our dealings will be unbiased, open, respectful and courteous at all times.

Empowerment - We inspire and support members to become confident, independently strong and determined.

Connection - Contacts are integral to building a business but nurturing connections builds long lasting relationships. These relationships form the foundation to success.

Collaboration - We are all stronger together and we rise by lifting others.

Growth - Our network encourages every member to grow both personally and professionally to be the best version of themselves and their business. We strive for excellence by fostering the goals and aspirations of all members.

Community - We are an association full of like-minded women that live local, shop local and love local!

Unity - WWIB is made up of a volunteer board with a shared belief in the power of both the female entrepreneur and small business to affect positive change in their community.

Diversity - The landscape of business in Wollondilly includes business start-ups and established businesses of all sizes from a wide variety of industries. All our members are passionate supporters of local business and community.

Respect and Privacy - We treat members and guests with respect, fairness and will always act in good faith. We do not advance private interests at the expense of others and we protect everyone’s right to privacy and confidentiality with respect to personal information.

Giving Back

Our past events have raised money that we donated back to our local community via a chosen charity or organisation. Previous beneficiaries include The Blue Butterfly Institute, IC Care, Dilly Drought Drive, Our Community Pantry, WACCares, Caring for Wollondilly and WIRES Wollondilly.

It is my heart's vision that we build a legacy for women of all ages to have a community and a home in which they can safely grow, while learning personally and professionally, in a supportive, encouraging and engaging environment.

- Michelle Legg, Founder & President, WWIB -

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