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Why join us?

Are you a business owner looking for inspiration? Searching for training? Striving to grow personally and professionally? Do you feel a little isolated and crave for like-minded women to associate with? Perhaps you just want to support your business community and buy local products. Well, as the old saying goes, there’s strength in numbers! 

By reaching out and joining our WWIB community, you can learn more than you ever imagined. You may have different goals and cater to different audiences, but in the end, we’re all trying to be the best WE can be. 

So join now and become part of an active network who will inspire, support and encourage you into success! If you have any queries, please email us:

Benefits of Membership

Member's Forum

Members are provided access to WWIB’s private Facebook page as a way to access and exchange information on challenges, experiences, ideas and goals. The more you give, the stronger the quality of your network.

Social Engagements

We create the environment and platforms for you to learn, engage, grow personally and professionally while expanding your networks. These engagements include both regular networking and annual gala events as well as educational opportunities.

Education and Development

WWIB provides a forum to exchange knowledge, providing a broader access to valuable information. Accessing education is an often overlooked benefit of networking as it can lead to career progression and development. WWIB provides workshops and training initiatives through the Wollondilly Empowerment Project.

Self Empowerment 

By stepping outside your comfort zone, you will build invaluable social skills and self-confidence that you can take with you anywhere. Ultimately, the more you network, the more you grow and the more you know.

Mental Health Strength 

Developing good relationships can have positive effects on your mental and physical health. You can develop a sense of camaraderie, worthiness and purpose by connecting with individuals who share the same passions as you.

Marketing Opportunities 

A growing network allows us to minimise costs while maximising exposure on behalf of our members. Over the years, they have contributed to advertising opportunities such as billboards, printed publications, letterbox deliveries, promotions and social media platforms.

Tribe of Brand Ambassadors 

WWIB offers a place for women to promote and market their business, to share endorsements and encourage reviews resulting in word-of-mouth marketing. Lead generation and marketing is crucial to a growing business and WWIB is a source of potential referrals. Likewise, members promote local and invest in retaining profit within our own community.

Sense of Community 

We offer a place to belong, a chance to interact, build friendships and firm lasting connections with like-minded, driven and creative women.

Raising your profile 

Networking is about sharing, not taking. It is a chance to highlight your credibility, building trust and demonstrating your value. Being visible at events is essential to getting your face recognised and business known. In addition, by sharing your knowledge and expertise, you will build your reputation as being a well-informed, reliable and supportive member.

Available to ALL businesses 

We encourage ALL businesses to join including those owned and operated by a male. A female is to be appointed to represent, participate and contribute on behalf of the business. They become the conduit of communication on all social, training and network platforms.

Career advice, progression and opportunities 

By meeting influential people you could be offered your next job, be presented with a career opportunity or new client. The opportunity to make contacts with promise, are endless.

Contact, connection, experiences and perspective 

Regular engagements help to strengthen your relationships and broadening your network is sure to provide a return on your personal investment. You can discuss challenges and receive feedback and solutions for them. By sowing the seeds for reciprocal assistance, you will receive help to achieve your goals. We all learn, grow and excel together.

Active participation 

We all know that many hands make light work. Without the active involvement and support of its members, WWIB’s continuing growth and success would not be possible. When our network flourishes, so do our members.

Giving back 

Volunteering is an act of service and requires an open heart, integrity, commitment and interpersonal skills. Our WWIB Board of Directors volunteer their time and experience to better our WWIB community. They are nominated and elected annually for their personal integrity, work ethic, motivation, intelligence, abilities and generosity of spirit. Should you be interested in contributing, please reach out by emailing

Member Criteria

Membership approval is primarily based on the principal place of business falling within the confines of the Wollondilly LGA versus the principal place of residence. Should your business operate outside Wollondilly, your membership application will be considered after taking into account potential conflict with current membership businesses (offering the same goods or services), prior to approval.  Equally so, we reserve the right to restrict promotion by anyone who is harvesting leads for businesses based outside the Wollondilly Shire.

Please note, WWIB membership is not automatic. Approval is granted following a completed application being reviewed by our Board of Directors.

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Interested in joining?

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