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Business Improvement Opportunities

By engaging in professional and personal development, you are investing both in yourself and the success of your business. It's time to reach new heights and unlock your potential!

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Wollondilly Empowerment Project

Run on an annual basis since 2018, these training initiatives have cemented our reputation within the local business sphere. The WWIB brand has earned ever strengthening traction within our business community, as shown by our steadily increasing membership.

All our training facilitators are qualified, experienced business professionals in their industries and valued WWIB Members. Each of them honoured to contribute their extensive knowledge to a community empowerment project.

The Wollondilly Empowerment Project depends solely on external funding. WWIB is therefore grateful to our Workshop Partner South 32 Illawarra Metallurgical Coal for their firm partnership and ongoing financial support, having funded our training initiatives since 2019.

The WEP, assures all participants have the ability to increase their business acumen and become the most successful version of themselves.

To date, the WEP has supported approximately 40 women find employment and 10 realise their dream of owning their very own business.

Our feedback for WEP has always been positive! Read for yourself...

The Board of WWIB network, a group made up of extremely talented and hardworking professionals, are to be commended for their efforts in coordinating this training that was designed to assist local business owners and members of the Wollondilly community who may be thinking of setting up their own businesses. The Back into the Workforce was designed for those looking to securing re-employment or upskilling. The Board gave their valuable time to support this initiative and to promote the opportunities available in the Wollondilly region. Congratulations to all involved!

Noleen Jessup, Jessup HR & Mediation

Programs Created

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Back into the Workforce

Established for women returning to work for any variety of reasons. Providing the knowledge and resources needed to reignite their confidence and secure successful employment.

Business Start-Up

Designed for individuals pursuing the dream of owning their own competitive and income generating business.

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Business Bricks

We found there was a cross-over with individuals needing foundation subjects before starting their enterprise and those existing business owners having knowledge gaps. This new educational landscape will provide for both.


The suite of subjects will cater for any new or existing business entrepreneur conscious of the importance in learning, increasing or refreshing core business skills. ‘Business Bricks’ will ensure you are ready to build on and in your business!

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Back in Business

Catered to women wishing to re-skill, up-skill or maintain their professional credentials.

Leadership Excellence

* Currently under development *

A course designed to encourage, educate and equip those individuals born to leadership positions with those personal qualities inherent in successful leaders. The training will provide professional strategies and development to the participants. In the form of a highly coveted scholarship format, eligibility must be presented.

Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women,

who have their back.

- Renae Daniel -

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