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Pay It Forward

The Pay It Forward initiative was born during the Covid 19 pandemic as a way for sistas to help fellow members less fortunate. It was a consummate display of compassionate camaraderie amongst our WWIB members. The initiative was intended as a membership gifted from one member to another and one encouraged to be ‘paid forward’ once the member’s situation improves.

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Buddy System

The Buddy System was created as we found many first time members and event attendees find it confronting to walk into a room of women that seemed to know each other. By securing existing, confident members to buddy up with a newcomer, they find themselves being introduced to other members making their transition far less daunting. They appear to strike up friendships quickly and often feel encouraged to return.

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At the heart of WWIB’s mission of advancing women, we believe that mentorship is a path to leadership. Also, having a mentor can have a huge impact on you and your career.  This network has a wealth of knowledge as our members have experienced all types of situations, both personally and professionally.


WWIB encourages others to share their skills, motivation, advice and encouragement in addition to their steep and challenging learning curves. Express interest today and form meaningful connections, deepen your knowledge, and gain the professional development skills you need to lead and succeed.

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WWIB Connect

During Covid-19, a time of unprecedented crisis, we recognised the threat of isolation early on. WWIB felt it imperative to maintain virtual connection with our members so WWIB Connect was created. This innovation provided a much needed link for our members to available resources, social interaction and opening a much needed channel to qualified psychologists within our member network. 


WWIB Connect had a measurable impact on maintaining communication with others while also providing a lifeline to many of those suffering through pandemic fatigue and chronic instability.

Would you like to become a volunteer with WWIB?

By joining a WWIB committee, you can further expand your visibility and relationships with others throughout our network. Should you have interest in extending your participation please email
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