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Akashic Healing
Represented at WWIB By:

Tina Meyer

Phone Number:

0405 009 990

Email Address:

Tina uses a combination of reiki, tapping, meditation, writing, counselling, sound, oils, crystals and affirmations to empower you to live your best life. She runs Full Moon Healing and New Moon Manifesting Circles, as well as her signature Writing to Heal workshops.

With Agnes from TherArty, Tina runs Soul Harmony, and together they facilitate female empowerment workshops quarterly.

Tina also facilitates the free community event, Wollondilly Witches Dance, the weekend before Halloween each year.

Tina also founded The Blue Butterfly Institute, a not for profit committed to empowering victims and survivors of sexual trauma, educating the community about the impact of trauma on the brain and behaviour, and advocating for changes to legislation. TBBI supports victims and survivors and their families through support groups in the Wollondilly and Campbelltown areas, as well as through private counselling sessions.

Tina is also an executive member and mentor for the Australian Tapping Institute.

Never one to be idle, Tina is currently writing her first book on healing childhood trauma and the reality of the healing process.

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