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My Yoga Space
Represented at WWIB By:

Ruth Pirie

Phone Number:

0416 971 530

Email Address:

A welcoming & vibrant studio teaching Yoga, Pilates Mat classes, courses to support mental health, specialised workshops and offering as well as regular wellness events.
All our offerings are open to those new to Yoga and mindfulness as well as more seasoned students. Our hope is to infuse greater connection amongst a community, where people can first learn to know and respect their own selves and connect with others in a peaceful, meaningful and whole-hearted way.

Our classes, workshops and events explore how yoga philosophy, mindfulness practices and meditation can be applied to modern day life. Inspiring and empowering people to take the principles of the practice into daily life to find internal balance and calm, paving the way for them to live life with vitality, health and wellbeing.

Special Offer for WWIB Members

10% off class passes for WWIBN members

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