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Changing Minds
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Gina Howland

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Changing Minds Pty Ltd is a private psychology practice located in South West Sydney. We provide high quality, evidence-based assessment and intervention. Gina is the founder and Principal Psychologist of Changing Minds. She is an experienced and qualified Clinical Psychologist for clients of all ages but has a special dedication to helping children and adolescents.

Gina is one of Australia's first Board-Certified Lifestyle Medicine Professionals. Gina has a distinct interest in the relationship between diet and mental health disorders. Gina also has exceptional knowledge and experience regarding the relationship between lifestyle (including diet) and Crohn's Disease.

Gina has almost 2 decades of experience working in a variety of settings. Gina brings her bubbly personality, warm and friendly approach and passion for working with children and families to her practice. Gina is best known for her pragmatic approach towards resolving presenting problems.

Gina is also a qualified and experienced primary school teacher with a unique and practical understanding of disorders which impact learning or behaviour in the classroom.

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